Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Alaska

Berner enthusiasts primarily located in the Anchorage/ Mat-Su area with members spread across the State.

All things Berner in Alaska

Thank you for visiting our website.  Winter is an active time in Alaska with snowmachining, ice skating, and playing in the snow.  Be careful of the dogs sliding on ice and make sure they get well dried and warmed when they come inside.  They get used to the warm inside and can get sick if they spend too much time outdoors.

We are also busy preparing for the upcoming Show season.  This is the time to get together and practice with the dogs or start training new dogs for drafting.

Winter Party Time!

Be sure to join us on January 14th
Bring some treats, something to donate for a fundraiser and, of course,
The Dogs!

Pay attention as this is a good time of year for our dogs to get chilled.  Make sure they have plenty of fresh water.  Dry them as they come inside from playing in the snow.


Check their paws for balls of ice that build up as they run.  You can keep the hair between thier pads cut close and it will reduce the ice balls.  However, they should be cleaned out as they can spread the toes and cause pain and bleeding.